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Reviews from Clients

Kelly is an exceptional editor! She’s been indispensable in the development of my two verse novels. Not only does she give detailed thoughtful line editing comments, she considers the overall structure and arc of the pieces.  I feel very fortunate that she has helped me. Plus she’s such a delightful encouraging person!  (Jeanne H)

There is only so much a writer can do when self-editing their work and then there comes a time to call in a professional. Kelly is a master at reading and critiquing free verse novels. Her expertise and objective eye are exactly what I needed to embark on another revision. Her feedback is concise, clear, and well-presented. She’s available to discuss her comments and add more clarity if needed. And I thought I was a master at trimming and cutting, but Kelly has an astute sense for what needs to be on the page and what doesn’t. I’m so happy I found Kelly to coach and edit my work. (Suzanne P)

Instead of providing quick answers to my questions and concerns, it was obvious that Kelly really took the time to think about my particular manuscript and responded with in-depth emails to help me find my way through the art of free verse. Thanks for your help, Kelly!  (Katy D)


Kelly was a fantastic teacher. Encouraging, approachable and always generous with her time. As a beginner, I couldn’t imagine taking on this picture book project without this course and Kelly’s guidance. (Rayya L)

Kelly is wonderful! She takes to heart what her students have written. Her critiques are detailed, thoughtful, and oh-so-concise! I value her opinion on my writing and would not hesitate to use her services on any writing that I may do.  (Kim H.)

Kelly Bingham is the best teacher I have worked with. She is specific in her critiques. She is kind and patient. Young writers will learn a tremendous amount from Kelly. I feel very blessed to have found her. -Wendy Carbo

Kelly is an excellent teacher.  I really enjoyed her excellent lectures and assignments.


Kelly was always available and I felt she was just an email away. Her critiques were thorough and thoughtful. I learned so much in every week's assignment. Her comments were direct and clear. Plus, Kelly asked very pertinent questions about the chapters that I sent each week.


I would gladly take another class from Kelly. I felt encouraged and challenged every week. Thank you Kelly

(Barbara S.)

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