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Sometimes writers want to develop a work-in-progress by working with me on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. They find they hold themselves accountable a little better when they've paid for my services and there's a 'deadline' in place. I critique manuscripts thoroughly, helping you make your writing stand out. I am ready to work with you on picture books, middle grade novels, YA novels, and of course, novels-in-verse.

We can work on a novel manuscript in progress. We can work on a picture book--or two or three--on an ongoing basis. Or, we can simply work on improving your strengths as a writer through work we will plan together.

Whatever your goal is, let's discuss if this approach is best for you.  Together, we can design the content, page count, and time frame that works with your goals.


Pricing varies depending on the page count/word count.  Please write to me for pricing.


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Have you finished a draft of a book? Would you like a thorough, honest critique of the many fine points of your story before sending it off to an agent or editor?

My manuscript critiques are extremely thorough.  I am not a line-by-line editor (though I will do some line editing along the way when needed).  Instead, my critique focuses on all the core elements of story structure. Are your characters believable? Is the "want" of your main character enough to carry a whole book?  Can your reader properly invest in your characters and their story?  Is your narrative arc fully developed?  What about tension? Is there enough, and does it stem from a foundation that is solid and believable?  And your ending--is it 'earned?'  How can it be stronger?

My critiques are detailed. I will explain what I think works and what doesn't, and why. I will also point you in the direction of the best ways to improve your story.  I focus heavily on story structure and all of the foundational elements that go into a successful, unforgettable novel, or a picture book we want to read again and again.

Pricing varies depending on the project.  Please write to me for details.



If we work together on a full manuscript critique, there will be a substantial discount on a re-read with a second full critique.  We will discuss the details when we plan our first review.  


I will be glad to read your query letter to an editor or agent and give you feedback. This is low-cost and generally I can get back to you within 48 hours. Please note: I cannot give you advice on WHERE to send your letter, or how to construct a letter from the ground up, but I can help you make sure it's the best, most engaging, and most professional query letter you can write. Craft a letter that stands out to the agent you contact--one that makes them want to read YOUR book!


Don't see a solution that works for you?  My writing services can be personalized to meet your goals.  Contact me and let's discuss how I can help you get YOUR work out into the world.  


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